ABBA Voyage and Wallenius form sustainable partnership

Press release 11 May, 2022 The Swedish shipping company Wallenius, developer of the Oceanbird concept, has been confirmed as the official partner for ABBA Voyage. At the revolutionary new concert opening in London on 27th May, ABBA will perform as digital avatars. “It is extremely pleasing to be able to make it all happen in partnership with Wallenius, who are as keen on sustainability as we are,” says Benny Andersson.

A deep commitment to sustainability made the ABBA members interested in the Oceanbird concept, developed by Wallenius, which makes it possible to significantly reduce emissions from vessels. The parties soon discovered that they shared several joint values and a partnership started to take form.

CEO Jonas Kleberg

CEO Jonas Kleberg

In the partnership, Wallenius will have status as exclusive logistics provider for ABBA Voyage, in addition to providing support and consultation around sustainability issues. Also, after a longstanding tradition of Wallenius ships being named after operas (such as Tosca, Traviata and Boheme),future ships have the option to be named after ABBA songs. Within the ABBA Arena, the Lounge section will now be named “The Oceanbird Departure Lounge”.

We are proud to support ABBA Voyage with sustainable logistic solutions. Wallenius has a long history as the forerunner in sustainable shipping. Our joint values and focus on humanitarian aid, combined with the latest technology and digitalization, will lead the way into the future – without losing our history” says Jonas Kleberg, Chairman & CEO Wallenius Lines.

Standing together in the forefront

Benny Andersson

Benny Andersson

Besides an interest in sustainability, they also share a pioneer spirit. Both parties continuously enter new ground within their respective fields. ABBA has never been afraid to break conventions, and now – a concert that combines the loved treasures from the past with fresh material performed in a totally unique way. With the Oceanbird concept, Wallenius took a radical step towards truly sustainably shipping, using wind as primary energy source for large cargo ships. The wing sails have more in common with airplane wings, using aerodynamic to get the most power out from the wind.

“I believe we must be at the forefront of what music and entertainment can be with ABBA Voyage, and it is extremely pleasing to be able to make it all happen in partnership with Oceanbird and Wallenius, who are as keen on sustainability as we are,” says Benny Andersson.



Supporting Ukraine

The partnership of ABBA Voyage and Wallenius Oceanbird is a journey for culture, sustainability and freedom around the world. The parties are determined to in some way support those affected by the war in Ukraine.



The concerts will open on May 27, 2022, at the custom-built ABBA Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. ABBA have created the kind of concert they always wanted, performing for their fans at their very best: as digital versions of themselves backed by today’s finest musicians. ABBA Voyage is a concert like no other, a show 40 years in the making. Featuring a setlist of hit songs, ABBA’s avatars are brought to life using the latest in motion capture technology, accompanied by a 10-piece live band.



The Swedish company Wallenius is a leading service provider of Ship Management and Ship design/Newbuilding services. The vision is to lead the way towards truly sustainable shipping. A ZERO emission roadmap led to the wind-powered shipping concept, called Oceanbird.

The wing sail technique is developed by AlfaWall Oceanbird, a joint venture between Alfa Laval and Wallenius, and the first vessels from Oceanbird concept will be built by Wallenius Marine.  The first vessels of the concept will be sailing in 2026.