Tractors that run on HVO

Published 11 December, 2020
As a step towards a fossil-free farm, Menhammar replaces the diesel in three of their tractors to HVO, which is produced from recycled fats such as slaughter waste and frying oil. The project is a collaboration between Menhammar Farm, Lantmännen Maskin Valtra and Neste MY renewable diesel.

Menhammar’s ultimate goal is that all the farm vehicles should run on electricity. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions until then, HVO has been introduced at Menhammar. Three of the farm’s tractors have been replaced by new Valtra N174 Active machines that run on HVO.

“This is a step on our journey towards a fossil-free farm. HVO is a renewable fuel, made from recycled fats, which will considerably reduce our emissions, says Ulf Segerström Agricultural Operations Manager at Menhammar Farm.

Menhammar’s partners in the project are Lantmännen Maskin and tractor manufacturer Valtra. 

“We are very pleased that Menhammar chooses Valtra from Lantmännen and uses the opportunity to run the tractors on HVO. Everyone in this project adds their specialist knowledge and together we can make a real difference for the climate”, says Per Wretblad, Brand Manager Valtra at Lantmännen Maskin.

Per Wretblad Lantmännen

The HVO biofuel is supplied by Energifabriken AB. All the raw materials used are certified as sustainable and consist of recycled fats such as slaughter waste and frying oil. It is important for Menhammar that the HVO biofuel delivered will contain no palm oil, although trace amounts of a residual product called PFAD, when cooking oil is produced from palm oil, can be found. All raw materials used are sustainably certified.


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