The key is collaboration

Published 27 June, 2024
As a frontrunner within multiple industries, Soya Group collaborates with different universities and institutes to encourage ideas and innovations to create a more sustainable world. 

Are the best solutions created by lone geniuses or when true innovators come together? Soya Group believes in collaborations and sharing knowledge to enable a more sustainable future. With a wide selection of industries within the group, alliances range from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and are influencing everything from how ships are designed to how to increase biodiversity. 

It also affects recruitment. Wallenius Marine aims to have at least on average one student on board each vessel every day of the year. 

“If we give them the right opportunities and focus on them having a rewarding study time on board, then we have created a sustainable chain for our future and theirs,” says Erik Sjöstedt, Crewing Partner, Marine HR. 

Wallenius Marine’s road towards truly sustainable shipping, with the high-profile AlfaWall Oceanbird venture at its centre, is a great example of how innovative solutions can attract students and researchers alike. 

“It’s crucial for us to stay up to date with the latest research, and collaborating is a great way to ensure this,” says Carl Fagergren, Innovation Manager at Wallenius Marine. 

Carl Talling, Carl Fagergren, Erik Sjöstedt Soya Group


Why we collaborate 

“It is a way to promote development and learning that permeates the entire company. Regardless of whether it concerns training or technological developments, we try to find and prioritise collaborations in various forms. This way, we thrive and learn.” 

Carl Talling, Property Market Manager, Wallfast 


“We need some kind of succession, and the shipping industry stands before a huge transition with new fuels and wind propulsion changing how we do things. For this progression, we need new competences, new ideas and new technology!” 

Carl Fagergren, Innovation Manager, Wallenius Marine 


“We want to reach students and show them more about our company. Over the years, we have seen a decrease of maritime students, so for us it’s important to take care of the seafarers we have now, and those who will be in future.” 

Erik Sjöstedt, Crewing Partner, Marine HR 



New trainee programme for young lawyers 

Wallenius Marine is a partner in a new trainee programme initiative for young maritime law students, starting this summer. The 18-month course, also featuring The Swedish Club, Svenska Skeppshypotek, Swedish Shipowners’ Association and Stena, provides financing and insurance courses, as well as practical work placements on shore and at sea. 

Wallenius Marine plans to offer a place for one trainee. 


Lighthouse trainee programme 

Wallenius Marine is one of several partners involved in the Lighthouse trainee programme. Each season, two trainees, newly graduated Naval Architects, are given the opportunity for work experience at the likes of Alfa Laval, Floatel, SSPA, Stena, TTS Marine and Wallenius Marine. Previous trainees at Wallenius Marine have, for example, been Carolina Mangas Pereira, interviewed in the last issue of Our Way, and Emil Kotz, today at AlfaWall Oceanbird. 


Increase your AI knowledge 

A training course designed to help us understand how to use AI in the best way has been produced by Soya Academy, our internal learning portal. Answering questions such as “What is AI?”, “How can AI create value?” and “What to consider when it comes to the use of AI?”. The course is done in collaboration with anch. AI, an ethical AI Governance platform. 


Top of the class 

Wallenius Marine has been voted “The Shipping Company of the Year” by the students of Kalmar Maritime Academy, part of Linnaeus University. The award was given at the yearly Career Event, where maritime students meet potential employers. One reason for the victory was that Wallenius Marine offers students internships to gain experience at sea.