Pocket Format makes Opera Accessible

Text Helena Gyllenskepp, Soya Group Photo Illustration: Kungliga Operan - Annelie Carlström/Söderberg Agentur Foto: Kungliga Operan/Sören Vilks Published 08 August, 2022
This August, a brand new opera for young people will premiere in Stockholm, followed by an 80-show-tour around Sweden. This marks the start of Wallenius’ fourth collaboration with the Royal Swedish Opera and its section for Young at the Opera.

The three previous collaborations were addressed to schools in the Stockholm region. With this new Pocket Opera, which is easily stored in a van with the music on a USB stick, the opportunity rises to take the opera on tour and provide the experience to many more children:

“Working out the concept for this collaboration, we wanted to achieve a proper opera, with beautiful music and a grand choir, that would be accessible to children in the whole of Sweden”, says Cecilia Kolga Responsible for Group Sponsoring. “I really feel we have succeeded!”

Sova Vaken Foto:Operan/Sören Vilks

Wallenius has supported the Young at the Opera for long, to give more young people a chance to develop though art:

“Wallenius’ support made it possible for the children at Smedshagensskolan to raise both grades and well-being during the four years the Young at the Opera were present in their day-to-day lives,” says Cecilia Kolga. “And that the three other schools in the Stockholm suburbs had experiences, which neither pupils nor teachers will forget.”

Ellen Lamm, is Artistic Director at Young at the Opera:

“We feel thankful that Wallenius has made it possible to let a new opera for children meet such a great audience, in the whole of Sweden. It is such a joy to maximize the resources for culture, to make more children take part of the magic of the performing arts!”

FACTS of the Opera “Sova vaken” (Sleeping awake)

Sova vaken, is a grand opera show in a small format. It is played for children from 6 years of age. It tours around Sweden in the autumn with Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Touring Theatre. The music is created by composer Daniel Nelson, the libretto by the playwrite Irena Kraus and the opera is directed by Gustav Englund.