The story of Wallenius begins

Founder Olof Wallenius was born in 1902. His first company dealt with empty barrels, ane he soon realised that the best way to transport the vessels were at sea. So he bought his first vessel in 1934 and started Rederi AB Soya, which he named after the cargo of soya-oil.

The most part of the Wallenius’ history concerns shipping and vessels. On the Wallenius Lines website you can follow the development of the history, decade by decade from 1934.

You can also find pictures of the historical vessels – from the early tankers to the world’s first specially-designed car carriers in the 1950s. Read how the company and the vessels made it through the Second World War.


The RORO-concept- a Wallenius idea MV ANIARA 1963

RORO vessels were a Wallenius concept which revolutionized shipping as it made it possible to Roll-on and Roll-off cargo, instead of lifting.

The only cruiseship so far

Read how car transportation increased in the 1960s, from the US to Japan, which put a lot of strain on the ship owners.

In 1968 the only Wallenius’ cruiseship was delivered, La Boheme. Olof Wallenius predicted that cruise journeys were the future and could be lucrative. But Boheme got stranded on her maiden journey and Wallenius’ has not dealt with cruiseships ever since.

Ownership is handed down in the family

Olof Wallenius passes away in 1970. The ownership is handed down to his daughter  Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg.

In the 1980s, Wallenius places the largest vessel order so far, and receives delivery of four state-of-the-art Car Carriers which can each transport 5,000 cars.

Builds Head Quarters and forms Soya Group

In 1989, the head quarters are moved from Mariatorget to present office on Swedenborgsgatan 19. It should be in the same district and the same parish, Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg had ordered.

TITUS 90tal

The 1990s means modern vessels and an aspiring environmental awareness. The shipping activities receive environmental certification, ahead of demands. This leads the way for all the companies in the Group to work sustainably.

Wallenius forms a joint subsidiary company, together with Norwegian shipping owners Wilhelmsen. The company Wallenius Wilhelmsen, handles the commercial part of the Wallenius’ shipping activities.

The Group becomes Soya Group, reflecting on founder Olof Wallenius’ first business, soya-oil, and the first vessels SOYA I,II,III. The Group now consists of activities within shipping, real-estate, water purification, investments, support etc.

Nowadays, Rederi AB Soya is a holding company, which invests in operations the owners are interested in and believe in. Each company runs and develops its businesses in line with the parent company’s values. The annual turnover for the Group’s operation is SEK 1 billion and some 1,000 people work in the activities in Europe and Asia.


Read the full historical over-view on the Wallenius Lines website.

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