Donation for Surgery Robots

Since the year 2000, Soya Group has made two larger donations to the Karolinska University Hospital, for the purchase of advanced robots for surgery. So far they have been used for urological surgery, and a while ago the first pulmonary surgical procedure using the robots was performed.

Picture from the surgery where you can see the robot arms in the foreground.

Two thorax surgeons operated on a woman behind the chest bone, using the robot. The surgery went very well and the patient left the hospital after three days.

Usually, the patient needs to stay in hospital for several weeks after this kind of surgery. But the robot arms only made two small holes to perform the operation. A surgeon controlled the robot arms totally separated from the patient. The surgeon could have been on the other side of the world to perform this.

It is a fascinating development. The thorax clinic has expressed its thankfulness to be part of the surgical development, made possible by the substantial donation by Soya Group and the Wallenius-Kleberg family.

Source: Karolinska University Hospital