Bees on the roof at HQ

On the roof of Soya Group Head quarters we have bee-hives to contribute to the biodiversity in nature.

Bees hav a major task in the ecological system, as flowering plants depend on the pollination. The past years, the number of bees have been reduced partly because they have a hard time finding places to live. Håkan Wallin in Soya Group IT is an enthusiastic bee-keeper and is in charge of the Soya Group bee-hives:

–  We can help bees and insects in many ways. We can have plants which attract bees and plants that are in bloom at different times throughout the season. Having our own bee-hives we add the number of bees in nature. A small bee-community with some 5,000 bees in the spring, can grow during summer to up to 80,000 bees.

Håkan Wallin på Soya Groups huvudkontors tak med bikupor.

The bee-hives are place on top of the Soya Group head-office in Stockholm. There is a safety-line for the persons taking care of them. One needn’t be worried to be close to bees:

 – Bees don’t attack unprovoked, apart from wasps, as they are not interested in humans. The bees live in their hive and by daytime they visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, says Håkan.