90 years and still doing things Our Way

Published 28 May, 2024
When my grandfather Olof Wallenius started his business in 1922 and later founded Rederi AB Soya in 1934, the business focus was mostly on shipping even though he, early on, bought property on Södermalm and Menhammar, Ekerö. Today, these early activities represent the three main businesses of Soya Group today – Shipping, Real Estate and Trotting.
CEO Jonas Kleberg

CEO Jonas Kleberg

Wallenius Lines saw great progress and development and over the years it turned into one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Olof Wallenius, and later my mother Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg, rarely backed down from trying new ideas. They didn’t always work out, but to know that he had to try. Being curious and open to development has always been important in our group of companies, now more than ever.

Re-inventing and re-using old ideas and ways of working are also ways to move forward. In the almost completed building project Modellen 4, our real estate company Wallfast has used wood for the entire structure. Wallenius Marine’s concept vessel Oceanbird will soon be sailing the oceans using wind for propulsion. At Menhammar farm we are re-establishing old grazing pastures to recreate and increase biodiversity. Old ideas and solutions mixed with the technology of today help us to build and innovate a better tomorrow.

Over the years partnerships have come and gone. However, a long-term approach and pioneering spirit, two of our core values, have guided and driven our sustainable work. Cooperating with other companies whose approach aligns with our own remains a priority to achieve desired levels of outreach and influence. Sustainable thinking makes up a key and, to many of us, obvious factor in every decision and in everything and everyone we choose to work with.

Being at the forefront of many different business areas also comes with great responsibility. The co-workers in Soya Group have a unique experience and knowledge that we in many ways are obligated to share with others, to contribute to a shared sustainable future. We have a strong voice that is backed up by knowledge and experience, and we dare to have an opinion in matters that aren’t always in line with what others believe. As always, we choose to go Our Way instead of following in the footsteps of others. And we will continue to do so for at least another 90 years!

Soya Groups 90-års logotyp