Core values

There are a number of fundamental values that have accompanied and shaped the Group’s operations since the parent company was founded in 1934. At the turn of the millennium these were put into print to act as a guiding star for all companies in the Soya Group.


Pioneering spirit

We have the courage to try out new pathways – technical, organisational and financial – without risking the Group’s assets.


Long-term approach

We invest for the long term and we manage our assets with a long-term approach.



We conduct everything in which we involve ourselves in a professional manner and to a high degree of quality while also incorporating great cost awareness.



Whatever the activity, it shall be pursued to gradually reduce the environmental impact. We cannot solve an environmental problem with something that creates a new problem.


Social responsibility

As co-workers, employers, partners and suppliers, we have a responsibility to the other groups in society that we affect in different ways. We treat everyone with respect, both inside and outside the organisation.