Environmental Policy

Environmental considerations are part of the Soya Group’s core values. Our ambition is to be recognised as a leader in environmental matters in every business area. By integrating environmental aspects with the Group’s business activities, our operations contribute to a sustainable society while building strong brands with sustainable profitability.The environmental work is characterised by holistic approach, upstream solutions, reduced environmental impact and continual improvements.

Holistic approach

  • Consider the entire life cycle, that is, the total environmental impact from cradle to grave.
  • Be a forerunner – show what is possible.
  • Comply with current legal requirements and strive to exceed them.
  • Involve suppliers and partners in environmental efforts.

Upstream solutions

  • Rectify the source of the problem.
  • Do not solve the problem by creating a new one.

Reduced environmental impact

  • Strive for use of renewable energy.
  • Reduce use of energy and raw materials.
  • Reduce the generation of waste and residual products.

Continual improvements

  • Environmental considerations are integrated with all operations in a structured manner.
  • The environmental work shall be based on clear and long-term objectives and environmental programs specific to each business area.
  • Involve all co-workers.

Our environmental work and the results of our efforts shall be communicated openly and transparently. Each business area is responsible for defining and implementing an environmental policy, objectives and activities based on this general Group-wide policy.