Wind Power for 8,000 tenants!

At a wind farm in Åsele, in the province of Västerbotten, energy is generated by four wind turbines sufficient to supply Wallfast and its 8,000 tenants at the properties in Stockholm. And the future plans include an expansion.

The winds are reliable on the Storberget mountain in Åsele. In 2012, Wallfast installed the first two wind turbines here, which produced energy sufficient for the real estate activities in the Group. In 2018, another two turbines were added – covering also the electricity need for all of Wallfast’s 8000 tenants!

Future plans include installing twelve new wind turbines in Åsele, which will produce 135 MWh each year – enough to supply 27,000 houses with electricity. Wallfast is managing the project. 

“The new turbines will supply 3.5-4.0 MW per turbine, compared to 1.8-2.0 MW each from the existing ones, and could be in operation by 2023. Following the nature conservation inventory, we expect to apply to the County Administrative Board,” says Administrative Manager at Wallfast and Chairman of Åsele Vindkraft Storberget AB. 


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