Sustainable energy from the sun

Published 18 February, 2020
Wallfast is self-sufficient in renewable, fossil-free energy. A growing source of energy is the sun.
Carl Talling

Carl Talling, Wallfast.

The housing and service sectors stand for the largest part of energy consumption in Sweden. It can be electricity for the households, and also to technical installations in the properties, laundry rooms, lighting, lifts etc.

In Stockholm, Wallfast has installed solar panels on the Soya Group’s headquarters and at Menhammar on Ekerö. A new 60-square-metre solar panel installation on an apartment building at Gärdet is also expected to generate 13 MWh of electricity per year. This will more than cover the electricity needs of the building for general lighting, lift operation and laundry rooms, while the surplus will be sold. 

“We have been investing in solar panels since 2015, and our focus is office buildings. The reason is that they use most of their electricity during the day, when the sun is shining, while the opposite is generally true for housing. But in the future we hope that battery storage will make solar power less dependent on daytime consumption patterns,” says Carl Talling, Marketing Manager at Wallfast. 

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