More lights for enhanced security

Published 20 November, 2020
Parts of a residential area, which have previously been found dark and unsafe, are now fitted with energy-efficient lighting. During 2019-2020, Wallfast/Hässelby Hem have conducted a project for enhanced security in the local area, involving the tenants.

Wallfast and Hässelby Hem owns some 700 apartment in the Smedshagen area in Hässelby. The project to create a safer local environment for the tenants has partially been financed by the authority “Boverket”. After dialogue with the tenants, who also answered a survey, the following areas were prioritized:

  • New lighting: All the outdoor lights have been replaced by LED. Lighting in hall ways has been improved. Gate ways and some vegetation have been fitted with lights.
  • Yards have been renovated.
  • Community farming in the neighbourhood.
  • New plants with focus on edible produce.
  • Safety gates to prevent unauthorized traffic in the area.
  • A multi-sport arena with trampolines.

Belysning_Smedshagen_okt2020 (PDF)