Good internet connection part of Wallfast's work with sustainability

Photo Camilla Lindqvist Published 15 December, 2021
Fast and reliable internet connection is now available in all Wallfast’s more than 4,000 apartments. The extensive installation project is now finalised, and apart from the fact that all tenants can enjoy a fast internet connection, the result is also in line with Wallfast’s work with the U.N. global goals.

Providing fiber to all tenants falls under the global goal nr 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. There is so much in society today that relies on available internet, which is part of the reason why Wallfast has invested in fiber network to all tenants.

An open access fiber network means that the tenants themselves can choose which provider of tv, broadband and telephony the want to make an agreement with.

“It has been vital for us not to commit to a certain provider. We have built an infrastructure which is flexible and adapted to the future. With this full scale installation of fiber in all our apartments, we are getting closer to the fully-connected smart city”, says Carl Talling.