Courage to stop violence

Published 12 January, 2021
Domestic violence occurs behind closed doors, but the sound of the violence can be heard through the walls. By joining the initiative Huskurage (House Courage),Wallfast wishes to spread knowledge on how to stop violence and save lives as a neighbour.

Violence in close relations occurs on a daily basis, and those most affected are women.

Save the Children also states that 200,000 children live in violent homes in Sweden. That represents every 10th child. Two children in each school class are at high risk of being exposed to domestic violence.


These gloomy statistics made founders Nina Rung and Peter Svensson start Huskurage. The idea is simple: every tenant’s association should have a policy for how to act against domestic violence.

“A simple act as to ring the doorbell can actually stop a violent situation. This is also a way to give important testimonies to the police on domestic abuse, as there are lots of hidden statistics in this area”, says Nina Rung.

The idea of the policy is to have an easy action plan if something happens in the building. It should be a tool to use and get the courage to knock on a neighbour’s door or contact the police. Without a policy, it is easy to hesitate: maybe you heard it wrong? Yes, but what if you heard it right? If you mean to show care, it can never be wrong to act.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


If you are worried that someone is exposed to domestic violence, do like this:

1. Knock on the neighbour’s door.

2. If necessary – get others to help!

3. Call the police. Always contact the police first if the situation is acute or threatening.


Remember: you can save lives by knocking on a neighbour’s door!

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