10 years with Homework Help

Published 15 January, 2021
“Let’s start! It’s time to go into the classroom, Zanko Razdar shouts out to the students at Homework Help, this rainy Tuesday at the Smedshags school in Stockholm.15 students gets help with school work, two times a week. For a few hours, they study together and get help from Zanko Razdar and his colleagues if they get stuck.

Emir Bal och Navid Beshkoufeh

The students sit down in the classroom – some wearing headphones, deeply sunken into their work, while others discuss their latest task. Some of them talk about the characters in a book they are currently reading.

“You can be book smart or street smart”, says one of them.

“What does it mean to be street smart then?”, asks Zanko Razdar.

“You know the social – how it works in reality”.

“But you can be both!”, another student adds.

Long-term commitment always gives best results

Homework Help (Läxhjälpen) is a foundation aiming at students who might not be admitted to high school. All homework helpers are themselves students at College or University. Hässelby Hem finances the Homework Help activities at nearby school Smedshagen – a commitment now reaching ten years.

“The results are always best if we can have a long-term commitment, so we are thrilled that Hässelby Hem wants to contribute”, says Erika Hagström, Regional Manager at the Läxhjälpen (Homework Help) Foundation.

“During 2019/2020, 83 percent of the students in grade 9, attending Homework Help, achieved high school admittance grades. This can be compared to 74% among the other grade 9 students at the school. And these were students, who might not be admitted to high school at all, when they started the Homework Help programme. A great improvement!”, she says.

“At Hässelby Hem, we are thrilled by these excellent results, and look forward to continue supporting Homework Help in Smedshagen school”, says Peter Leskinen, Property Manager at Hässelby Hem.

Back in the classroom. Zanko Razdar has worked as homework helper for a few months now. Mostly he helps with maths, as many students find it extra hard. And it is clear that the help gives results – some students have received higher grades in this subject.

“It feels really good to be here at Homework Help. At home, my brothers and sisters run around, and I look at my mobile phone much more. I have achieved better grades in several subjects”, says one student.

“To see such a clear improvement is great! Especially when the math teachers tell me how much better the students perform on tests. That makes me proud as a homework helper!” concludes Zanko Razdar.

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