Water purification

Invasive species spread all over the world by taking free rides in ships’ ballast waters. Once in place, the invasive species can take over their new environments if they lack natural enemies. This can cause the collapse of entire ecosystems. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) considers this to be one of the greatest threats to the oceans survival.

Invests in the protection of marine ecosystems

“Healthy oceans and seas are essential to our existence. They cover 70 percent of our planet and we rely on them for food, energy and water. Yet, we have managed to do tremendous damage to these precious resources. We must protect them by eliminating pollution and overfishing and immediately start to responsibly manage and protect all marine life around the world.” From the UN’s Global Goal 14: Life below water

We see it as our duty to ensure that the ships we build and manage leave as small negative footprint as possible. Our investments in sustaintech solutions, like ballast water treatment and hull cleaning, radically reduce that footprint.

Initiatives within sustainability: Water Purification