About the Soya Group

In 1934, Olof Wallenius founded Rederi AB Soya, the first company in Soya Group. He named it after the cargo his first cargo vessel carried, soya oil. It’s still the Group’s parent company and it’s still family owned. Nowadays, Rederi AB Soya is a holding company, which invest in operations the owners are interested in and believe in. Each company run and develops its businesses in line with the parent company’s values. The annual turnover for the Group’s operation is SEK 1 billion.


Wallenius Lines is today an industrial investor and shareholder in several international shipping and logistics companies. The focus on the investments is to help develop the companies to be sustainable in the long term, both from an environmental and an economic perspective.

Wallenius Marine is a leading service provider in international shipping of ship management, technical management and design and newbuilding services. A number of unique products and services to increase efficiency and reduce both emissions and costs are available to the customers.


Wallfast was once part of Wallenius Lines, which acquired it's first property in the 1930s. In the last 30 years, the property portfolio in Stockholm has grown and now comprises almost 4,000 apartments and commercial premises.

Hässelby Hem is a subsidiary of Wallfast, founded in 2008 to manage and develop properties and areas in the Hässelby area on a long-term basis.

Wallfast's subsidiary Cisterna works with real estate projects and property development. Cisterna developed and built together with Skanska the residential area Gåshaga Pirar on Lidingö. New projects are underway, this time on Ekerö. Cisterna also owns the unique senior residence Björnbo on Lidingö, which over the years has been carefully refined and expanded.


For more than 70 years, Menhammar Stud Farm has been one of the most successful among the classic Swedish stud farms for trotting horses. Menhammar’s land is also being used for agriculture, forestry and game management. All parts are coordinated to care for the animals, nature and for the environment.