The shipping operations include Wallenius Lines and Wallenius Marine with international subsidiaries and associated companies. 



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Real Estate

This business area includes Wallfast AB, Hässelby Hem and AB Cisterna and their subsidiaries and associated companies.



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Stud farm

Menhammar Stuteri is one of Sweden's largest stud farms for trotting horses..




Menhammar Stuteri

Water purification

In collaboration with Alfa Laval, the first chemical-free ballast water purifier, PureBallast, was launched ten years ago. Today, PureBallast is the market leader and is sold through Alfa Laval's global sales channels.


Alfa Laval PureBallast

Soya Group Support

The Group's shared administrative functions are gathered in Soya Group Support AB. Here we find Group Communications, Group Financial and Business Control, Group Human Resources, Facility Services, Group IS/IT, Group Security and Group Treasury. About 80 people work in Soya Group Support.

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Our approach to sustainability

All companies within the Soya Group actively implement long-term susta
inability measures based on a number of common principles that reflect the values of the parent company.

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